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Anti-dumping Duty

Any domestic producers of the like product.
  • - Any producer organizations. (association, society and others organized by domestic producers).
  • - Minister of the competent Ministry in<br>  charge of the industry concerned.
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Countervailing Duty

  • - Any interested parties concerned in the domestic industry (domestic producers, relevant corporations/organizations, and the like)
  • - Minister of the competent Ministry in charge of the industry concerned
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National law

  • Trade Remedy ACT
  • Trade Remedy Decree
  • Enforcement Decree of Foreign Trade Act
  • Customs Act
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International Law

  • Anti-dumping Duty
  • Countervailing Duty
  • Safeguard
  • trips
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Korea Trade Comission!!
The KTC is a quais-judicial body. The KTC undertakes investig ations andmakes deternin ations of injury to Korean industry by imports,